About us

The Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) Kingston is celebrating 20 years of commitment to research, education, and action in the public interest. We are a charitable, non-profit environmental and social justice organization established in 1992 and incorporated in February of 1993.

For 20 years, OPIRG has supported and contributed to community engagement with environmental and social activism at Queen’s, in Kingston and beyond.

We do this through organizing a wide variety of events, including speaker series, film screenings, conferences, workshops, information tables, and educational presentations.

We also do this through our constituent working groups, volunteers with an interest in a particular issue or project come together to increase public awareness, educate themselves and others, and attempt to influence government policy.

Through such initiatives, we work to broaden understanding, increase social awareness, and provide conduits for action on those issues that students and community members have decided are most important.

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