And that is a wrap for Alt Frosh 2016

And that was an awesome week!

With ten events over seven days, we’ve danced the night away, raised some funds, discussed and unpacked colonialism and the relationships between settlers and indigenous folks, talked about the importance of language, celebrated the work of feminism at Queen’s and planned for the work still not yet done.

Thank you to the amazing group of volunteers who tabled, shared, reached out, and help folks find out about this amazing week. Thank you to the great groups we worked with since July to make this week possible. And thank you to all those came out and made it such a tremendous success!

In January OPIRG will be hosting an open meeting to talk about how to can plan for Alt Frosh 2017, how we can continue to make the week an ever growing success, and to hear input and feedback! Keep tuned to fine out more details as the month approaches!

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