7 AM (that’s right AM) 440 King St W

Shutting down CSC Regional Headquarters for the morning is meant to send a peaceful but assertive democratic message to our government.  The Conservatives cannot ignore the vast majority of Canadians on this lighting rod public safety and local food issue.  We will not give up until they listen.

We will not disrupt traffic on King Street.  Citizens who do not want to block vehicles can participate by standing with signs on the other side of the road.

“Canadians have not given up the fight to save the prison farms,” says Dianne Dowling, a member of the Save Our Prison Farms campaign and president of National Farmers Union Local 316.  “We are peaceful, and will not disrupt any traffic except animal transports, but we will not let one cow or chicken leave our prison farm,” Dowling said.  “The prison farms provide a cost-effective training and rehabilitative program that works, helps inmates feed themselves, and makes our communities safer.”

“The resolve and democratic will of the community will be demonstrated in this blockade,” said Jeff Peters of the Frontenac Cattlemen’s Association and a member of the campaign.  “This action is meant as practice for what may be necessary at Frontenac Institution.  We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause CSC staff not being able to get into work, as we know that the majority of them support the prison farm program.  The goal is not to target individuals, but to allow the citizens of all ages and political stripes involved in the Save Our Prison Farms campaign to show their commitment to the farms and the cows.”

“We are hoping that blockading Frontenac Institution will not be necessary,” said John Williamson of the Frontenac Federation of Agriculture and a member of the campaign.  “The auction house, OLEX (Ontario Livestock Exchange) in Waterloo, has been getting phone calls from all the major farm organizations, recommending that they reconsider doing this auction.  Two other auction houses in Ontario have already turned down the opportunity.”