12 Reasons to Join the OPIRG Board of Directors

With our upcoming Annual General Meeting we figured we would post a short and incomplete list of why everyone should join the OPIRG Board. Want to know more? Check out here for the call for applicantions!

  1. Help set the direction and goals of OPIRG As a collective, the Board of Directors is the highest governing body of OPIRG. This group is responsible for setting the direction, the goals of OPIRG as well as laying out how we will achieve them. As a director you collaboratively help direct our research projects, programming and campaign work – where we are focusing and where we are not.
  2. Gain access to valuable workshops and skill building opportunities One of the mandates of OPIRG is to ensure every volunteer and contributor leaves a better organizer. We do this by providing our Board of Directors, volunteers and contributors with free workshops and skillshares. Through working with Tools for Change in Toronto and with local Kingston change-makers our Board members get access to powerful and informative workshops.
  3. Work with some of Queen’s and Kingston’s best activists, change makers, advocates In a normal year OPIRG works with about 30 campus and community organizations to share in programming, research and campaigning efforts. Our Directors help reach out to allied organizations and help foster and sustain our campus and community relationships.
  4. Build your resume Having experience with a Board of Directors on your resume never hurts. Through sitting on a Board of Directors you gain experience in non-profit organizations, being an employer, working to create and execute strategic plans – these are experiences that employers look for on a resume.
  5. Connect social justice movements here at Queen’s with those in the city and across the province OPIRG’s work doesn’t stop north of the ARC or east of Barrie Street, our work continues throughout the community of Kingston. Further through working with the OPIRG Provincial Network members of the Board get a chance to liaise and work with other PIRG across the country.
  6. Live your education Academic fields all across Queen’s University touch on the work of OPIRG. Through our People’s History Project, Alt Frosh, our community-based research work, to urban and regional planning, contributing to OPIRG gives you a chance to live and apply your education.
  7. Help strengthen our activist community at Queen’s OPIRG is one part of the many organization at Queen’s who organize for social and environmental justice. By joining the Board you get a chance to build and foster the activist community on our campus – welcoming new members and supporting those already here.
  8. Gain critical skills for making change By getting yourself into the mix of OPIRG you learn many of the skills needed for making social and environmental change. From campaign planning, developing and executing a marketing plan, to grant writing and fundraising, Board members get hands-on experience of the skills needed to make change.
  9. Contribute to an environment that actively challenges hierarchies and oppression OPIRG is mandated to actively challenge and contest hierarchies in our organizational structure and in our work. Further we have a clear and strong mandate to practices an anti-oppressive analysis. By joining the Board you get to work in an environment that strives to challenge hierarchies and oppressive acts.
  10. Help make OPIRG great(er) Our lasting and most impressive work has come from our Board members. Do you love the Out of the Archive and Onto the Streets series? That was an idea from a Board member. The We Believe campaign? A Board member. Our Board members are the inspiration of our work. Have an idea to share? Join the Board.  
  11. Learn and work within a consensus-based decision making framework Consensus-based decision making is really important to OPIRG. As a result one of the first things all members of the Board do is collectively scheduled and attend a consensus-based decision making workshop. In this workshop we learn the history and strengthens and weaknesses of such an approach and we develop our own unique decision making process that builds on the strengths of the Directors.
  12. And to have fun Being on OPIRG’s Board is a rewarding and fun experience. As an organization we know everyone has something to contribute and we know our best ideas come from collaboration. We use these principles as the foundation of our Board.

Save the date: Februray 24, 5-7pm: OPIRG’s Annual General Meeting

Join OPIRG at our Annual General Meeting this February 24 in the ASUS Red Room in Kingston Hall.

At our AGM we will be presenting our annual report and our 2015-2016 financials as well as electing new members to our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is one of the most hands-on roles in our organization – responsible for planning, allocation of resources, and the organization’s mandate. Click here for more information about applying to join the Board of Directors.

Find our event page here!

Any questions or concerns can be sent to info[at]opirgkingston.org! The annual reports and other important meeting documents will be published here prior to the AGM.

Thank you for another successful referendum!

After weeks of campaigning, we’re happy to announce: we’ve had another successful referendum!

OPIRG would like to thank all of our dedicated volunteers and friends who have supported us these past two election periods. We’re excited to get back to what’s important: inspiring research, education, and action on social and environmental justice.

Winter 2016 update

Happy new year and new semester to all our friends, volunteers, and allies at Queen’s! Here’s some of the highlights of what we’ll be up to in the near future:

Community Gardens Research Report: We are in the process of compiling and analyzing the research data from this report, and are working on developing policy and practice recommendations.

Self Love Week: SLW is an idea in progress, which seeks to be a celebration and reclamation of love for our diverse selves, while challenging and exploring dominant understandings of romance and love. These weeks can include discussion spaces, panels or lectures, and skill-based workshops, on topics including but not limited sexuality, race, ability, and body positivity.

Hope to see you around the Grey House soon– as always, we’re here during our office hours for any and all Queen’s students to drop in.

-the OPIRG team

Grey House Open House with OPIRG

This week during our office hours (Tues-Thurs, 10-4), OPIRG will be keeping the Grey House stocked with coffee, tea, and brain-friendly snacks to keep you going during the final stretch of this year and semester.

Everyone is welcome to come in to speak to us about what we do, learn more about OPIRG, and ask any questions about us.

Good luck on exams, papers, and writing, to all our undergraduate and graduate students!

OPIRG November Update

What has OPIRG been up to lately? Read on to find out what we’ve been doing in the past few weeks.

Accessibility Research Opportunity: How is accessibility understood by those at Queen’s? How do we practice accessibility? Our latest call for proposals seeks to answer these questions and more. Applications are due November 30th. 

We Believe in a Campus Free of Sexual Violence: Campaign volunteers will be meeting this week to go over planning next steps for the campaign. So far, we’ve collected over 250 signatures. Free “We Believe” posters are available from the OPIRG office at any time during regular office hours– remember to get one for your office or room!

AMS Fall Referendum: Although we were successful in the referendum vote, the results have been tossed out (Queen’s Journal story here). We’ve been informed that we will be up on the ballot again in January. While this is disappointing news, we thank all of our volunteers for their hard work.

Kingston Community Garden Census: This research report is on its way to completion and we hope to have it ready for a Winter 2016 release. Stay tuned!

Fall 2015 Call for Research Proposals: Application and Implementation of Accessibility Principles at Queen’s University


OPIRG is excited to announce our first research grant of the 2015-2016 academic year: Application and Implementation of Accessibility Principles at Queen’s University.

This grant, eligible to Queen’s University students, seeks to fund research that examines how, we as a campus, understand accessibility and how we do, or don’t, practice an accessibility politic.

The Call for Proposals can be found here: Call for Research Proposals 2015

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, we encourage you to contact the OPIRG office either by email: info[at]opirgkingston.org or by phone: (613) 533 3189. Completed submissions are due November 30, and can be sent to info[at]opirgkingston.org.

OPIRG Supports Accountability and Transparency


Here at OPIRG, we greatly value accountability and fairness. In order to be transparent with where we’re spending student dollars, we’ve created an infographic just for the budget.

Our entire proposed 2016 – 2017 budget which was submitted for validation to the AMS elections team can also be found here. This will be the budget we are held accountable to and intend to follow if we are successful with the fee.


OPIRG’s vision for a campus free of sexual violence

Last Winter OPIRG Kingston funded two Queen’s University students to explore how we can build a campus free of sexual violence through education and prevention initiatives. Their research involved interviewing campus leaders from across the country; it involved engaging the leading research, both academic and lived. It is an amazing piece of original research.

Today we have the final draft. This report is to our guide to build a campus free of all forms of sexual violence. We Believe In A Campus Free Of Sexual Violence and we know how to build such a campus.

Join OPIRG in our campaign through signing up to volunteer with us, and we collectively can make lasting change. Click here to volunteer.