Feminist Jubilee: A Defiant Celebration of Freedom


This jubilee will be a subversive celebration of freedom­an artistic and collective proclamation that a different world is possible. A world that honours love, peace and equality. Through free food, music, art and conversation we will use the simple act of celebration as a defiant form of resistance. By coming together to unite in the common vision of equality and social-justice for all, we can, despite our differences, actively reject and condemn the very systems that imprison us. It is through celebration and community that even in the midst of oppression we will find our freedom. (even if it’s only for one afternoon…)

So join us! Rain or shine at Skeleton Park, on the 27th of March between 1-3pm. ALL are welcomed/encouraged to come regardless of race, class, gender, religious, political and/or sexuality differences.

The afternoon will consist of the following :

* A Neighbourhood “Stuff” Exchange
(Everyone who can, can bring a couple of items, be it clothing, books, household things, etc. and we can share it, garage sale style, with NO money involved)

* A free communal pot-luck style picnic
( bring a little food to share, that could be easily eaten outside)

* Bubbles (because they are pretty)

* Music ( if you play something bring along an instrument)

* A christian feminist confessional booth (this collective photography project will be the central focus of this jubilee. it will displayed in the park for the afternoon…it will stand as a symbolic peace-offering, an artistic cry for change, an attempt to take responsibility for the things we’ve done to damage the freedom of others)

🙂 Invite your friends. your enemies. your lovers. your sisters. anyone, everyone, pass along this invitation to those you feel might be interested!

The point of this afternoon is to bring people and worlds together that normally don’t share the same spaces. So please, Come together, share. Drink a tea in the park with a stranger. learn. love. relax. RESIST.