Fostering Campus and Community Movements Conference

OPIRG Kingston is proud to invite members of the Queen’s and Kingston communities, as well as organizers from across the OPIRG network, to our upcoming conference: Fostering Campus and Community Movements, happening from November 21 through to 23.

This conference seeks to be a space where we focus on building the skills critical to fostering movements working towards a more just future. Over this weekend we will bring together activists and organizers from across Ontario and Quebec to offer and share the skills that can often go overlooked or forgotten in our busy movements.

Register for conference here.

While we have yet to release our full schedule, the below is a small insight to the amazing workshops and discussions we have planned:

  1. Panel Discussions: Celebrating Campus and Community Movements here in Kingston and Across Ontario
  2. Supporting and Fostering Volunteers as a Volunteer
  3. Building Coalitions and Alliances
  4. Moving Onlookers to Supporters, and Supporters to Engaged Members
  5. Introduction to Consensus-based Decision Making,
  6. And many more workshops and skill-shares


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  1. Hi

    Thanks for putting on such an amazing and timely conference. I am really interested in attending this conference. Is there a tentative schedule of what time each workshop would take place?



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