Free Geek Kingston

The objective of Free Geek Kingston is to reduce downstream e-waste through refurbishment/reuse. Equipment for reuse is available at low or no cost to both less class-privileged Queen’s students and Kingston community members. If e-waste is to be salvaged for scrap, we ensure that the entire recycling stream is socially and ethically responsible (i.e. not sent to dumps in developing nations, with little to no labour or environmental laws). Free Geek is a resource for training/experience in, but not limited to: computer repair, open-source software and the open-source software movement, commercial recycling and e-waste recycling, non-profit management and collective decision-making. Furthermore, these skills and services are available through a grass-roots, non-hierarchical and non-profit organization. Lastly, Free Geek Kingston is a safe space where anti-oppression is incorporated into the organizational culture. (Free Geek is on hold while searching for a new space to operate from.