Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC)

Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC) is the only student-run environmental activist group on campus that works directly with the Queen’s administration in order to develop and implement more sustainable policies on Queen’s campus. We believe that large-scale political action and policy changes are the most effective way to go about reducing the university’s carbon footprint, ultimately putting Queen’s where it should be – a showcase for sustainability. Our group differs both in organization and goals from other environmental groups at Queen’s. The scope of this group is larger than most other groups since we have a very large membership and executive committee.

Global climate change and environmental degradation are THE challenges of our generation. Our actions now will define the future of every generation. Our goal is to help Queen’s and Kingston to become part of the growing movement of cities and educational institutions across the world who are beginning to engage with this problem. Our hope is not only to bring about change through our actions but to demonstrate that the change needed can and must come from students and concerned individuals. We hope to empower students beyond feeling that environmentalism is about recycling or buying eco, or turning off lights.

Through political actions we hope to send a clear message to the government of Canada that Canadians are demanding action and that our current policies are not only embarrassing but could derail international negotiations if not reversed.

QBACC is always accepting new members – those students, faculty and staff who are frustrated with the sense of feeling helpless in the fight against climate change. If you are interested please email us at queensbacc©gmail.com.