Get Funded

OPIRG Kingston funds groups and projects that fit within our mandate. The mandate is the first clue, so-to-speak, as to whether or not OPIRG is a viable source of funding for you. We cannot fund any group or event that is connected with or publicly supports a political party, either in Canada or in another country. Our first priority is to fund our own projects and working groups, however we also have a small budget for funding requests from external groups and individuals, particularly research projects conducted by students or community members.

We look to fund:

  • Groups that serve OPIRG Kingston’s mandate of education, research and action on social justice and environmental issues
  • Groups that are committed to anti-oppression in how they organize and the projects they do
    grassroots campaigns and groups
  • Groups whose activities directly benefit the local community

To request funding, you must complete an OPIRG Kingston Funding Application.

Please return the completed application to the OPIRG office in person or by email. Funding decisions are made by the Board of Directors. We will review applications at regular intervals. We appreciate lots of time to consider your request and to ask for clarification if necessary, so please make sure that your request is sent well in advance of when you need the money. If you receive funding from OPIRG Kingston, we request that you submit a brief report upon the successful completion of your event or project.