Kingston Worker's Assembly: Exploratory Meeting

Kingston Central Public Library, Delahaye Room

Thursday, December 2 · 6-9pm

A growing coalition of activists in Kingston are calling a public meeting to explore the possibilities of setting up some form of Working people’s assembly in Kingston, like the ones being initiated in Toronto and Ottawa. Given the current financial situation globally there is no doubt we are going to be facing significant austerity measures in the coming years. This will will translate into increasing poverty in Kingston, increasing battles with employers and increasing inaction on environmental issues. Moreover, the political reaction is likely to result in increasing racism, homophobia and ethnic discrimination in public spaces and workspaces as well as greater oppression of people with disabilities.

Many of us believe there are steps we can take now to better prepare ourselves and our organizations for the struggles ahead. Please come to the first public meeting to discuss with other labour and community activists ways we can do this most effectively. Many of us will not only have to fight battles against employers and the broader society, but we will also be challenged within our unions and organizations. There are many ways we can find greater strength across our political spaces to better defend ourselves and strive for a better society.

A public discussion will be initiated by short introductory talks by a variety of people, including speakers from the Ottawa and Toronto Worker’s Assembly. More details will follow.