Kingston Workers/People's Assembly: Exploratory Meeting #2

Thursday, January 20th, 7pm-9pm Regiopolis Notre Dame High School Cafeteria 130 Russell St. Kingston

Following on a public meeting on December, 2, 2010 an open steering committee has met on two occasions to plan for the Jan 20th meeting.

So far there has been agreement on a process for producing a mission statement. The decision has been to establish break out groups on Jan 20 to come up with mission ideas and then for a group to draft a mission statement for the assembly meeting sometime in Feb. based on those ideas.

People are encouraged to read the mission statements of similar assemblies in Ottawa, Guelph and the Ont Coalition for Social Justice prior to the Jan 20 meeting, though the steering committee is not endorsing any of those statements nor will those statements be introduced in any formal way at the Jan 20 meeting.

We will send out access to these statements ASAP. This process includes taking a position on big issues, such as whether or not the assembly should be explicitly anti-capitalist. For this reason we encourage interested community, social-justice, labour and environmental activists to take part.

The assembly is still without a name so feel free to brainstorm and discuss the issue with others.