OPIRG’s vision for a campus free of sexual violence

Last Winter OPIRG Kingston funded two Queen’s University students to explore how we can build a campus free of sexual violence through education and prevention initiatives. Their research involved interviewing campus leaders from across the country; it involved engaging the leading research, both academic and lived. It is an amazing piece of original research.

Today we have the final draft. This report is to our guide to build a campus free of all forms of sexual violence. We Believe In A Campus Free Of Sexual Violence and we know how to build such a campus.

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2 thoughts on “OPIRG’s vision for a campus free of sexual violence”

  1. There’s a typo on p.21 – Comprehensive is spelled “COMPRENHENSIVE”.

    Does OPIRG have any plans to attempt to fulfil some of the recommendations, or is the intent primarily to advocate for the University to act on them?

    1. Thanks for finding the err! So many words so many chances for a spelling mistake to slip in.

      On your question: We have a role to play in the implementation of some of these recommendations (notably #3, and #5). Others are simply just outside of our size, our scope, and we could dedicate every hour of everyone involved and not fulfill them justly. And that is where the University steps in.

      What we are doing moving forward now is trying to build a campus consensus around these recommendations so that as whole we can move forward.

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