Fostering Campus and Community Movements (Nov 2014)

Back to the Basics: Fostering Campus and Community Movements Conference is a weekend-long conference, happening from November 21-23, that will build and strengthen the foundations of community and campus organizing by instilling and growing skills, tactics, and resources for our movements for a more just future. We imagine a conference that looks at the basics skills it takes to organize in our communities and intend share them and build and improve on them where we can. Think of a conference that asks “how can we improve our reach to some 22,000 students on this campus by using social media?’ or “how can our digital presence be clear and accessible to the nearly 200,000 people in the Kingston area? or “how can I support the volunteers who give so much?” We want to bring answers to these questions from the Kingston and Queen’s communities as well as from across the province here for a weekend of strengthening campus and community movements.

OPIRG Kingston has received a grant for the upcoming school year to host this awesome opportunity for the Kingston and Queen’s communities, this open-to-all, and free, conference will be planned and carried-through by work of the Back to Basics Planning Group and we are excited to be looking for volunteers, ideas and any contributions that can help make this a stunning success.

Want to help out? Want to get involved with any of the work ahead? Contact info[at] We are certain there is a role for everyone interested; plus we promise helping with the organizing of this conference will be a skill building experience by itself.