Alternative Resource Library

The Grey house is home to the Alternative Resource Library. The library has two parts in the Grey House: the magazine library and the People’s History Project.

In our magazine library we subscribe to many quality publications like Colorlines, Bitch, Broken Pencil, the Dominion and many more. Visitors are encouraged to read our magazines in house, and if you would like to borrow and photocopy any of the magazines feel free to ask anyone in the office for assistance.

In addition to our magazine library, OPRIG has many periodicals and magazines and publications in our archives known as the People’s History Project, many of which are out of print and very rare. These publications have been valuable resources for academic as well as personal writing.  They are organized and accessible in the Grey House and can be accessed simply by contacting OPIRG.

The ARL is also home to the People’s History Project – a local archive of activist history. The library is a free resource open to the entire community. It’s a cozy, welcoming space for you to browse a magazine, check your email, research primary sources, or to check-out books and zines that you can’t find anywhere else in town!



You can contact the OPIRG office for more information: (613) 533-3189.