People’s History Project

The People’s History Project gathers first-hand interviews and documents related to social movements in Kingston, and creates a well-organized, public archive. The PHP aims to preserve an aspect of Kingston’s rich history that is often overlooked in traditional histories – Kingstonians’ important roles in the broader social movements of our time. This archive has an emphasis on documenting the first-hand experience of participants in grassroots social movements. As well, it preserves a collection of relevant newspaper articles, placards, posters, handbills, buttons, t-shirts and other surviving materials. You can currently access the ever-expanding archive in the Alternative Resource Library. We hope to have an abridged version of the archive on the web in the future. For more informationemail info[at]

Out of the Archive and Into the Streets Series

Ever year OPIRG Kingston will be releasing a poster every month based upon stories and histories found within our People’s History Archive. Our stories range from the organizing and activism often unseen to amazing acts of community resistance, this series aims to connect our campus and community to a large history of resistance and struggle often untold or forgotten.

The Temagami Kingston Action Group

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4-Blue-LightThe Blue Light Campaign [trigger warning for sexual violence, violence, homophobia]

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Anti-Nuclear Kiss-In

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3 - Alfie Pierce-page-001Alfie Pierce

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Queens Homophile AssociationQueer Organizing at Queens

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