The People’s History Archive Is In Need of Folks With Some Stories

Our People’s History Project is in need for a few folks who have helped shape and make the histories of Kingston and Queen’s.

This summer the Project has been looking into the histories around:

– The Heritage Front organizing at Queen’s between 1994-1996
– The Anti-Racist Action Group challenging and resisting the Heritage Front at Queen’s and in Kingston between 1994-1996
– Folks who help resist the Temagami open mining and forestry during either the 1989 or 1996 efforts
– The Queen’s University Food Workers Strike of the early 90s
– The ‘Parking Ticket Service’ during 1999, and
– Efforts to divest from South African Apartheid at Queen’s University

If you, anyone you know, anyone you share coffee or tea with, or some random friend on Facebook, have any piece of these stories to share, please get in contact with

Contributions can take any shape; minutes, old posters, files, etc. However, we particularly like interviews with folks who helped make these stories of resistance and struggle.

The People’s History Project is a collection of the stories that often go untold in the Kingston and Queen’s communities. By collecting minutes, posters, interviews, and whatever form of history we can acquire, OPIRG strives to ensure that these stories are remembered and honoured in our community. For more information and some of our past work check out here.


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