URGENT ACTION – International Student Tuition Increase!


Did you know the tuition for Queen’s undergraduate international students is going to increase again in September 2011?

In the 2009-10 academic year the Queen’s University Board of Trustees approved an increase in undergraduate international student tuition fees of 10% in the first year of study and 5% for each consecutive year of study.

The newest proposed increase replicates this proposal, seeking to increase tuition fees by 10% in the first year of study and 5% for each subsequent year of study.
Thus this year,
Engineering & Applied Science will increase from $23, 115 to $25, 427 in first year for 2011-12.
Arts & Science Tuition will increase from $18, 728 to $20, 601 in first year for 2011-12.

The fees assessed for undergraduate international students at Queen’s have increased dramatically since 2005, despite calls from numerous international students that unpredictable increasing fees are one of the greatest barriers they face in their pursuit of a post-secondary education at Queen’s. The Queen’s University Senate and Board of Trustees have both seen these concerns consistently articulated by international students since 2005 (see Dec. 5 Tuition Fees Report to Board of Trustees http://www.queensu.ca/secretariat/senate/Nov27_08/TuitFees.pdf).

There is no cap on international student tuition in Canada. This means that post-secondary institutions are empowered to set tuition and can increase, decrease, or freeze it according to their own interests and priorities. At Queen’s, this has translated into the unfair burdening of international students with the university’s precarious financial situation.

Overwhelmingly, undergraduate international students are not informed upon enrolment that their tuition fees will increase in different proportions throughout their education. When tuition fees skyrocket year after year, payment plans students have in place become useless. This has had the effect of evicting some international students from the university.

For students from less affluent nations, where currencies and economies are most volatile, the unpredictability of tuition increases coupled with that of the exchange rate represents a daunting obstacle. Increasing tuition over a period of 5 years sends the message that the only international students welcome at Queen’s are those from affluent families and affluent countries. The message this sends to international students with less financial means or security is that they are not welcome at this institution. The overwhelming lack of opportunities at Queen’s for financial aid and merit-based scholarships for international students serves to effectively reward those who can purchase their degree rather than those who deserve it based on academic merit.

The consistent claims this university makes regarding its commitment to accessibility, equity, and diversity ring hollow in the face of such policies.

Queen’s University has consistently ignored the needs and interests of international students, and the continual unpredictable increase of tuition fees both speaks to the way international students are silenced at this institution, and to the types of international students this institution values – those from affluent backgrounds.

The discriminatory tuition fees assessed for international students privilege domestic students and create unfair and inequitable barriers to post-secondary education at Queen’s University. These practices point out the glaring holes in Principal Woolf’s “Where Next?” Academic Plan, which claims “internationalization” to be one of Queen’s University’s four guiding principles in the future.

Speak out against unpredictable increases to international student tuitions! Send a letter to one or all of the Board of Trustees Representatives and to the Provost to demand that they refuse this fee increase, freeze international student tuition fees, and decrease them to equitable levels.

Attend the Board of Trustees meeting THIS FRIDAY at 7PM in Robert Sutherland Hall.


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