Workshop for Settlers: Unsettling Ourselves, Solidarity & Decolonization

7Pm Thursday, March 31st. GREY HOUSE  51 Bader Lane, Kingston ON

Matt Soltys is a long-time activist in the area of settler-indigenous solidarity from Guelph Ontario. His workshop comes from an understanding that colonialism is not an issue for Indigenous people alone to deal with. It encourages non-Native people to see the ways colonialism is all around us and within us – and how to deconstruct and transform both social relations and the many layers of colonialism within our hearts and min…ds.

In more detail, this workshop employs interactive discussion, historical
documents, treaty texts, maps and images to explore the history of
colonization around the Great Lakes, the ways in which non-Native people
are signatories to treaties which are currently being broken (and the
responsibilities carried therein), and the ways colonialism impoverishes
our relationship with the land.

In particular we will look at treaties governing the Haldimand Tract,
promised to the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations), the Culbertson Tract,
promised to the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk), the Nanfan Treaty, the Royal
Proclamation of 1763, the Two Row Wampum, and the treaties governing the
Saugeen Watershed and the Bruce (originally Saugeen) Peninsula.

This process will uncover many ways our language and sense of place is
altered by colonial histories, and will help us track our personal
histories throughout the last few centuries of colonialism.

Most importantly, this workshop will look at decolonization strategies
being implemented by different Indigenous nations, and highlight examples where non-Native people participated as allies in these efforts.
We will look at both social decolonization and personal decolonization,
with an emphasis on insights and understandings that participants can
integrate into their personal lives.