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This Weekend – Saturday November 20



Transgender Day Of Remembrance Vigil

This year’s TDOR virtual gathering is brought to you by EQuIP, TransFamily Kingston, and the Yellow House.

Care packages for queer and trans Queen’s students are available.

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Monday November 22, 2021




Levana, Queen’s Reads: Trans Safety Dinnertime Chat

How can we create safety within our own trans communities? What does safety look and feel like? What makes us unsafe? Join Levana and the Student Experience Office for a virtual dinnertime chat as part of the Queen’s Reads Queer Kinship series. Conversation inspired by the Queen’s Reads book this year: I Hope We Choose Love by Kai Cheng Thom. No prior reading required.


Event information here
Queen’s Reads program information and book access here


 Monday November 22 – Friday November 26, 2021

Four Directions, 144-146 Barrie St.

QNSA: Bannock Kit Fundraiser for the Northern Food Initiative

Each bannock kit is $10 and includes the recipe. Funds go to the Northern Food  Initiative. Only 30 kits are available. Don’t forget to fill out your order form!


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 Tuesday November 23, 2021



Ban Righ centre: A Conversation on Alienation and Healing through Creativity and Art

A talk/performance by Sabrina Masud and Monica Garvie. Presented by the Ban Righ Centre and the SGPS.


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AKA, 75 Queen St. up the ramp


Meet us at AKA at 4:30pm to pick up posters, stickers, and postering supplies. We’ll head out together from 5:00pm-6:00pm. Dress for the weather! (Rescheduled from last week due to rain)


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 WEdnesday November 24, 2021



OPIRG Kingston, Queen’s Reads: A conversation on radical love and abolition

What does it mean to engage with our communities using a politic of radical love? OPIRG Kingston will be co-hosting a conversation on Radical Love and Abolition with Queen’s Reads as part of the Queen’s Reads Queer Kinship Series!

The Queen’s Reads program provides free physical and e-books of a chosen text to all Queen’s students, staff, and faculty each year. Our conversation is inspired by this year’s text – I Hope We Choose Love: A Trans Girl’s Notes from the End of the World by Kai Cheng Thom.  We’ll be putting the concepts of radical love and safety in conversation with Mariame Kaba’s book titled We Do This ‘Til We Free Us: Abolitionist Organizing and Transformative Justice. No prior reading required.


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Queen’s Reads program information and book access here


 Thursday November 25, 2021


Outside Stauffer Library

Chat with OPIRG Kingston: A Tabling Session

OPIRG Kingston will be tabling by the Mac-Corry cafeteria. Stop by between 10am and 2pm to say hi, and grab some awesome stickers while you’re at it!


Watch our Instagram for more information


Outside Stauffer Library

Rally with PSAC 901

Are you desperate for adequate mental health care, mandatory anti-racism training, mandatory sexual assault and harassment training, and more? Are you sick to your stomach from Queen’s failure to care about graduate student-workers who live with anti-Blackness, settler colonialism, islamophobia, transmisogyny, homophboia, transphobia, anti-semitism, abelism, housing insecurity, and food insecurity on campus every single day?

Join PSAC 901 to stand up for the rights of graduate student-workers, for their rights to dignity, safety and equity in the workplace. An equitable contract for graduate student-workers means a more equitable classroom for undergraduate students.


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SNID: A Talk on Truth and Reconciliation

Join Studies in National and International Development for their last lecture this semester. Queen’s Chancellor Murray Sinclair will be talking about Truth and Reconciliation.


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More details to come here


 Friday November 26, 2021



The Yellow House: A Black Hair Check-In

This virtual event, as part of the Yellow House Ritual Series, is an opportunity for Black students to discuss your hair journeys, tips and tricks. Registration required.


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UPCOMING: December 3 2021, January 14 2022, February 11 2022



Agnes Etherington Art Centre: History is Rarely Black or White Speaker Series

This is an online speaker series on topics connected to the exhibition History Is Rarely Black or White. The three talks, in chronological order, are as follows:

  • Black Bodies, White Gold: Unpacking slavery and North American cotton production with Anna Arabindan-Kesson and Anne-Marie Guérin
  • Fully Known: Cotton Production, Black History, and the Canadian Experience with Charmaine Nelson and Shannon Prince
  • Style as Armour: Identity, Clothing, and Self-Fashioning in History Is Rarely Black or White with Julie Crooks and Nigel Lezama

Registration required.


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