Autonomous Food Production 


Collective Direct Action

About US

The Mutual Aid Gardens Network based in and around Katarokwi/Kingston aims to improve access to fresh produce and create stronger community bonds in the context of ever-increasing capitalist individualism/nuclear family.

We don’t rely on those in power to fix things for us – we come together and take direct action. We share space, harvests, and learn new skills together.

The crops we care for are harvested and distributed by and for community – for free! We host biweekly Really, Really Free Veggie Markets throughout the season.

“We seek to build transformative social relations based on dignity, care, and collective power.”

We’re featured in The Skeleton Press Spring 2022, Issue 9, pg 28!

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The Mutual Aid Gardens Network includes:

  • people who can offer space for gardening*,
  • people who can offer labour and help in various forms,
  • people who need fresh food or medicines, or
  • any combination of the above.

Those who offer space in their yards are matched in small groups with others who can grow gardens for their own households’ consumption and to contribute to the larger network’s harvest sharing. We also have 3 larger plot gardens near Kingston which many can help to plant, harvest, and tend to. Working in the gardens includes physical labour. Support with transportation by giving rides to/from gardens located outside of Kingston is also needed and appreciated! Gas money will be offered.


The 2022 season is now over – follow our Instagram for updates on next season!