a podcast from opirg kingston.

queer muslim resistance is a podcast project that features guests – mostly queer muslims, though not exclusively – who are invested in working towards our collective liberation.

What does acting, thinking, building relationships and engaging with the world in anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, and anti-state ways have the potential to disrupt and generate? What does transformative, non-partisan, non-reformist change look like when we work towards justice for all? What does it mean to do queer muslim resistance?

Join your hosts as they debrief on guest conversations by exploring themes and questions related to queer muslim spirituality, faith, resistance, radical love, collective care and liberation.



resource guide.

We’ve collectively compiled a queer muslim resource guide!

We’ve got educational resources, books, poetry collections, artists, blogs and blog posts, podcasts, videos, documentaries, movies, academic resources, and links to other existing resource compilations.



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