Who are we?

R&W is aimed at girls, trans, Two-Spirit, and gender non-conforming youth of colour between the ages of 8 and 14 in Kingston, ON. We offer diverse programming that aims to educate, empower and engage youth in social justice topics in fun and engaging ways.
Through Roots and Wings, youth meet bi-weekly to participate in structured programming that:
  • Introduces them to social justice issues
  • Allows them to explore their identities
  • Gives them the opportunity to teach and share skills, and engage with their communities



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By developing an ethic of care, mentorship, and community organizing skills, youth and the R&W team participate in decolonizing and collaborative feminist praxes grounded in intersectionality and anti-racism.

Read more about the goals of our programming below.

1. exploring identity

We want to create space for youth to explore their identities.

Programming provides youth with opportunities to establish relationships with mentors, racialized women, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals who are able to engage with and empower them.


2. engaging in Social justice

R&W provides opportunities for racialized youth to learn and teach about social justice (e.g. understanding and tackling racism, sexism, etc.). Focusing on connecting global and local issues, we explore how societal issues affect us on both personal and community levels. We empower youth to take action in their own communities by reflecting on, and embodying engagement.


3. teaching and sharing skills

Youth are provided with the opportunity to learn new skills while being empowered to teach and share their own unique skills. Our regular programming integrates considerable skill-building content, and the youth are always encouraged to support one another’s learning and to build on one another’s strengths.



4. Activism and community-building

Our programming encourages youth to connect with local activists while building community with each other. To this end, we prioritize group activities that involve workshops or field trips in collaboration with a diverse range of organizations.




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